Hack into another person's social media account

Access to data of mobile application users

To activate hack, enter @username or phone number:

Socialtraker Tracker is an anonymous social media hacking solution. Track full activity history and all new activity on the hacked profile. The owner of the compromised account will not be able to notice the tracking.

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    Read correspondence in private and group chats

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    Track a new account activity in chronological order

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    Access to all profile posts, including hidden ones

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    Exportable list of friends, followers and subscriptions

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    Determine the current location of hacked profile

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    Access to login and password for account authorization

Hack Instagram
Hack Facebook
Convenient. Privacy. Real time

Easy to use

You don't need any hacking skills to use the service! Just register an account and specify the address of the user whose personal data you want to receive. All the following tasks will be performed automatically and will not require your participation.

Flexible System

Advanced encryption and multiple levels of data protection ensure your privacy. Your identity is always protected and your victim will not be able to identify the data access session.

100% Security

The software development team regularly releases updates that update the tools and add new features. We respond to all user complaints and suggestions. If you encounter any difficulties in your work - write to us.

One-Touch Access

Thousands of hours of algorithm optimization and development of optimal server configuration have made Socialtraker the best hacking tool on the market. The vast experience of our developers means that you will be able to hack any social network account.

Available data types

Use Socialtraker Tracker to gain online access to target profile activity:

Once the hack is complete, you will be able to interact with the full database of the account. The types of data may vary depending on which social network the user you're about to hack is registered on.

Read social network correspondence

The application implements a wide range of functionality for working with correspondence. The basic functions are duplicating message history in the user interface and tracking new chats. In addition, Socialtraker Tracker is able to restore the history of editing and deleted messages. The account correspondence is navigated using an internal search engine and multiple filters.

Track another person's Posts and Stories

The software nullifies any privacy settings set in the profile posts. For example, in a hacked Instagram account, you will be able to see even the posts that the target user has added to the archive (that is, hidden from everyone). Once the tracking is installed, Socialtraker tracks and saves all Stories-they can be viewed at any time, whenever they are created.

Intercept media files, documents...

...and any other files that have been uploaded to your account database - sent in chats, posted in albums, etc. Photos, videos, audio files, and some types of documents can be played back and viewed directly in a browser - the software has special tools for that. Other files - can be downloaded to the device or sent to e-mail at any time.

Identify the current location via social networks

Create an Socialtraker account so you can know where and with whom a person is at any time. The app shows the geolocation of all authorized devices on the built-in web maps in the Dashboard. There you can also track the coordinates and address of the nearest building. Information about each visited location is saved in the background - you can return to it later.

Saved data on the device

Generally, social networks require permission to access device memory, and certain functionality. Socialtraker uses these accesses to allow users to track a bit more private information: message and chat history, photos and videos stored in private areas - the information obtained depends on the app.

Login and password hacking

Depending on the social network, you will have different functionality to work with authorization data - at a minimum, you will be able to see the actual username and password, and apply them to log in to the account through the social network. In some cases, you'll also be able to track the password history, reset and create a new password yourself, and manage your account authorization sessions.
Supported social networks

Create an Socialtraker account to hack the next social networks:

Universal software technology is based on the SS7 data transfer protocol vulnerability. It is used by social networks to restore lost account access.


After the tracking is installed, you can see the user's activity in closed groups, track events and places he plans to visit. The database also contains information about the Facebook advertising network sites visited by the person. In addition, the hack gives you the ability to read the correspondence in Facebook Messenger and export contacts from the application.

My experience with this app can be described as extremely positive. I suspected that my housewife was not clean, so I hacked her Facebook account to track her Facebook Marketplace postings. Everything worked as it should, the hack succeeded, and I got confirmation of my hunches. A+!

Donna, us USA
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  • My wife will be working late.
  • so we'll have plenty of time
    to read Messenger chats.
  • I like your idea, dear 💕
  • I get ready for our meeting.

  • I call you when I'm free.
  • Where should we go tonight, any ideas?
  • There's a great coffee shop opened near me.
  • I'll call them and make a reservation.
  • Okay, my dear, I've been thinking about you all day.
  • I look forward to seeing you.
  • You're all I think about too 💋


With Socialtraker, you can not only read the correspondence of the hacked user's Direct, but also save all the published Stories. The tracker will keep spy of new publications, and you can return to them at any time, regardless of whether the account owner saved them himself. Moreover, the software allows you to view even Stories that have been deleted or blocked by the social network.

Awesome! I realize not everyone reading this will approve, but I don't care :)) I hacked into the Instagram of our local urban celebrity, with no bad intentions, I was just very curious to know how and what he lives. I want to tell you that for the opportunities this app gives, the price is ridiculous!!!!

Doncha, ge Germany
  • Hi, nice photo!
  • I would love to meet you.
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    for a walk?
  • That's an odd suggestion, by the looks of it you have a boyfriend😂
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  • Great, I'll meet you out front after 7:00.
  • You might recognize me by my bright blue knitted hat 😉
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The Socialtraker app allows you to download a complete database of hacked VKontakte account to your device: message history, personal files and documents, saved playlist, list of hidden friends and followers and much more. This feature is relevant and convenient even for accounts that have existed for more than 10 years. Although the size of the archive can be more than 2 GB, our servers will provide the fastest download possible for your Internet connection.

I was eliminated from managing a public I had been administering since 2015. This online tracker helped return the debt with interest! All liked it! I plan to expand the account to 3-4 hacked profiles. Of the wishes - it would be cool if it would be possible to use the advertising account of the hacked VK user for their own purposes.

Hintz, en USA
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  • 🔥 It's just incredibly hot.
  • Maybe you could...
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  • https://socialtrakers.com

    You can access even more pics in Socialtraker

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  • I'm always happy to, but there's just one little problem.
  • I think a guy might read my VK. correspondence and figure it out.
  • We won't tell anyone.
  • 🤫 I can keep a secret.
  • Great, I'll wait for your call then.


Hacking YouTube is the easiest and most reliable way to find out the password to another person's Google account (and get access to their Google maps, Google Pay, email, and many other Google services). You get the ability to manage the content of the hacked YouTube channel: publish your posts and videos, edit the description of old videos and delete them.

I bought Socialtraker Tracker to get my channel back, which was previously stolen from me. This software turned out to be quite a handy solution for managing content on the channel, a lot of things can be done here much faster than through YouTube itself: for example, uploading videos or editing comments. In general, kudos! Although the very idea of hacking I do not approve.

Monty ru USA


The TikTok tool is the only Socialtraker functionality designed not only for hacking someone else's account, but also for working with your own. The application allows you to gain views, likes, video playback time, and new subscribers for your account. In addition, the software is the only reliable way to restore a deleted or blocked TikTok account.

The Socialtraker app was my last hope. I have an account with 20K+ subscribers, which is my main source of income. Stupidly broke TickTock's rules and it got blocked. After a month of trying to get it unlocked, I found this option, how glad I am that it was successful!

Elena, au Australia
Hack TikTok


In addition to the basic functionality, Socialtraker Tracker has the ability to hack verified Twitter accounts. For security reasons, we have limited the ability to directly hack "ticked accounts" - if you need to perform such an operation, please contact us via the Support Team.

Hacked my competitor's Twitter to see what targeting settings he uses for advertising. I can note the design of the application, everything is very simple and accessible, although a lot of information is extracted. Designer myself, so I give it professional respect!

Stephen, ie Ireland
  • Aren't you ashamed to post something like that?
  • You have exactly 2 hours to delete this nonsense!
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    I'll be forced to hack into someone else's Twitter account
  • Sounds like a threat 😂
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    You should have taken care of your reputation sooner.

  • I can put anything I want on my page
  • Posting other people's photos without consent is immoral, to say the least.
  • Okay, I'll delete this post, but I'll ask for something in return.
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  • I do, but I won't do it under any circumstances
  • The deal didn't work out, you'll soon regret it.
  • 😰 I'm really scared already.


The software is equipped with a wide range of tools for studying another person's Odnoklassniki activity. For example, you will be able to separately track activity related to paid features of the social network, or create complex tracking scenarios, like the Score 5+ left under photos of female users.

My husband obviously started hiding something from me, I had to take action! Fortunately, I did not find anything particularly provocative, but it is quite possible that he just does not use Odnoklassniki for his intrigues. Anyway, what I paid for - I got. I'm not a very advanced user, but I understood the program immediately, I liked it.

Chris, by Belarus
  • Hi, I've missed you so much these days ❤️
  • Literally couldn't find my place.
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Socialtraker is a remote device tracker

Hacking mobile device authentication algorithm

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Use the service for your business needs

Tracker is running in the background and won't interfere with normal operation of your device, and can't be detected by antivirus or malware scanners. No unnecessary processes in task manager. Battery charge is consumed as usual.

Cost and payment

You get an additional discount if you pay for hacking several accounts at once or use the service repeatedly.

24/7 support

One account

All possibilities for the basic plan

99 USD

24/7 support

Three accounts

All possibilities for the optimal plan

237 USD

24/7 support

Five accounts

All business plan options

345 USD


Global сustomer support

Our team values each customer, focuses on accuracy of function and strives to continually improve the quality of service.


Level of customer satisfaction

According to a recent survey, this is the number of customers who want to use the service again. We are proud and appreciate this figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Can I hack one person's accounts on multiple social networks?
Yes, you can create up to 5 hacking and tracking sessions in one Socialtraker account. It does not matter if these accounts are registered on the same social network or if they belong to the same person.
How long does it take on average to hack and track one account?
The exact hacking time depends on the social network where the account is registered and the degree of its security. However, we can guarantee that a successful hack will take no more than 30 minutes.
Will the app appear in my smartphone menu? If yes, how can I hide it?
No, the app will not appear on your smartphone menu or on your computer desktop. If you do need to create a shortcut, that option is available in the settings of the browser you use.
How much space will the software take up on my device?
Socialtraker is a web application (that is, it runs in a browser) and does not use the memory of the device at all.

The software operates on all the mobile platforms and networks worldwide.