How it works

An online application that allows you to crack a login password to a specified social network in just a few minutes. It is based on the principle of exploiting an SS7 protocol vulnerability.

Data of the target account will become available within a few minutes

Text messages, Photos & Videos, GPS Location, Call history, Contact list
  • Establishment of remote connection to a server of a selected social network

    Checking of relevance of scripts used in the main kernel
  • Checking the authenticity of the ID of the page you specify to exclude the possibility of false requests

    Checking the stability of the connection established with the SS7 interceptor, sending a test data packet
  • Runs an algorithm to serialize API strings required to decrypt the password specified during registration on the social network

    An SMS sent to the specified number with a verification code was successfully intercepted and successfully verified
  • Full decrypting of the authentication password, followed by validation. Assigning a 'unique ticket' to your order

    Login to the specified account was performed on the remote server, initiating the file transfer process
  • Password has been received and saved in the Dashboard

    Target account logs (text messages, photo and video files, location coordinates, call history and contacts list) are transferred from your compromised account to the Dashboard
  • Forming a single archive from target files

    Separate files that contain the content of the target account are created into a single archive for further secure download
  • Checking the archive for viruses and malicious attachments

    Exclusion of malicious attachments in the archive of user files
  • Archive is fully compiled and ready for download

    Upload archive of user files to your device storage or browse online in Dashboard.

File size can exceed 2GB.

Despite the rather complicated and closed mechanisms of work, a user with minimal training, it will be easy to interact at each step. However, the simple and straightforward interface hides many years of experience of the leaders in the field of searching and exploiting Internet vulnerabilities.

Attention, immediately copy the password to a digital or paper medium.