Spyware for TikTok hacking and tracking

Tracking data of the hacked TikTok account is done in real time. All tracked information is saved in the application interface and becomes available for viewing at any time.

Specify the TikTok ID or phone number to which the target profile is linked:

The software is able to hack into any account and read correspondence in TikTok only by the link to the profile, TikTok ID or the linked phone number. The whole process is autonomous, and work with profile data is done directly in the browser. Currently, there is only one product on the spyware market that meets maximum security standards - Socialtraker.

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    Cracking past correspondence and tracking new messages

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    Find out whose TikTok profiles person is viewing most often

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    Track and save all published videos and other content

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    Get new subscribers, likes, followers and free TikTok Coins

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    View login details and monitor how they change

The app for TikTok password hacking, correspondence tracking and subscribers spoofing | Socialtraker
Spyware for TikTok hacking and tracking

Remote access

Socialtraker TikTok account hacking is available without first downloading and setting up spyware applications from unverified sources. This feature is guaranteed to eliminate all risks associated with detection. All you need to run is to specify @username or phone number of the victim and run the tracker online.

Fast results

The vulnerability of SS7 cellular networks allows remote interception of a TikTok service SMS message (necessary for hacking an account) within 5 to 20 minutes of launching the tracker. Note that this time interval may vary slightly, depending on the current level of server load.

Intuitive interface

The tracker is launched directly from the Dashboard of the website, which makes its interface accessible for users with any level of computer skills. It is compatible with all modern devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) as well as the most popular platforms (Android, iOS, Windows or OS X).

100% Privacy

Customer security and privacy is our top priority. For this reason, the Socialtraker ecosystem meets all current cybersecurity and encryption requirements. Any possibility of user identification is completely eliminated at every stage of interaction with the service.

Efficient and secure tracking tool for TikTok

Set up profile tracking to constantly see new user activity:

We guarantee complete privacy of TikTok tracking. First of all, it is ensured by the Socialtraker Dashboard, a third-party interface through which all user interaction with the compromised profile database takes place: the hacker cannot be tracked because he does not interact with the social network and its security system in any way.

Incoming and outgoing messages

Hack into TikTok correspondence

The software provides access to the history of all chats in which the compromised account has ever participated. Correspondence can be viewed chronologically or tracked by type: Text messages, Photos and videos, links. By the way, Socialtraker is the only app that can recover deleted messages in TikTok (this functionality is also relevant for those who want their deleted messages back).

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View publications and monitor activity

Track publications in someone else's TikTok account

Track publications in someone else's TikTok account

Tracking posts via Socialtraker is the optimal way to keep track of an account's public activity: first, the software saves and leaves available for viewing publications whose display period has already expired; second, you can even track posts that have been blocked or deleted by the target profile owner. This is relevant for publications of any type - standard, Duets, Reactions and others.

Tracking Subscriptions and Subscribers

Exporting the user's contact list

The app tracks and displays all subscribers and all TikTok profile subscriptions. In addition to the TikTok ID and profile link, you will be able to find out when a subscription was made and whether there is a reciprocal subscription between users. In addition, you will be able to export the lists as a table: just choose the appropriate file format and then choose a convenient export method (download to your device or send to email).

Exporting the user's contact list

Geolocation and GPS location

Determine where a person is located


The current location of the hacked person is determined with maximum accuracy and is displayed almost live, the delay in synchronization with the device's GPS-services is rarely more than 5 seconds. Use maps in "History" mode to track the places where the user's videos have been published from.

How do I get followers on TikTok so that my account doesn't get blocked?

Subscribers spoofing can only be safe if all steps that the TikTok security system can recognise as scamming are excluded. It is important to understand that the social network regularly changes and improves its security protocols, so only software that is as regularly updated and adapts its algorithms to TikTok changes can be considered truly safe. Socialtraker does an excellent job.

Socialtraker is the perfect tool for online TikTok hacking

Profile posting statistic

The tool makes Socialtraker an effective solution for those who would like to deeply track and analyze TikTok account activity - both someone else's and their own. The software generates dozens of metrics that can be used to determine the hacked account owner's interests, app usage dynamics, or which of their videos resonate most with the audience.

Recording live broadcasts

The software has the ability to record any broadcast of an account, but Socialtraker storage allows you to store no more than 2GB of recordings at a time. You'll be able to adjust the quality of the recording to control its size and download it to your device at high speed. Set the appropriate settings to activate automatic recording of broadcasts.

Track personal TikTok profile data

The views tracker is an important tool for determining the interests of the target user. You can view the history of interactions with other users manually, or track key trends with clear infographics. You can sign up for an email newsletter to receive emails with statistical breakdowns and infographics every week.

Parental control through TikTok

The amount of personal information tracked depends on how much detail the account owner has filled out in the profile. In fact, the software neutralizes any privacy settings, and shows all the information entered in the account: the linked phone number, email address, the person's profiles in other social networks.

Cracking another person's TikTok password

This function can be useful not only for logging into a TikTok account, but also for hacking other user accounts: the software displays the current login and password, and tracks the history of their changes - and, thanks to the architecture of the social network database, even the changes that were made before the profile was hacked and tracked are tracked.

Get views and likes on videos

Socialtraker is a versatile application for recruiting and promoting videos on TikTok. Unlike standard platforms, the software uses profiles of real people: we have a database of over 30,000 active accounts linked to real phone numbers. This approach lets you eliminate any possibility of your video promotion being regarded as click-fraud.

Subscriber recruitment for TickTock account

Subscriber recruitment works in a similar way. In this case, the mechanics of the recruitment are supplemented with an important step - the software automatically subscribes hacked profile to a certain proportion of users who have subscribed to you, and initiates a short exchange of messages between the accounts. From a TikTok security perspective, this step is identified as proof that the subscription is transparent.

Secure coins spoofing

Internal currency spoofing is the most risky type of hacking: as a rule, the social network permanently blocks any profiles found to have hacked TikTok Coins. The technological approach of Socialtraker is based on transferring funds between accounts (i.e. there is no hacking as such) - we have access to a fairly large stock of Coins stored in the accounts mentioned above.

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أحب كل شيء عن التطبيق ، فهو يتمتع بقوة تحليلية كبيرة! لقد كنت أستخدمه منذ حوالي 3 أسابيع الآن وهو يعمل بسلاسة كبيرة ، وآمل أن يستمر في التطور! لا تمزح ، أوصي به لكل من يمارس TikTok بشكل احترافي.

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मेरे प्रेमी के पत्र-व्यवहार को हैक कर लिया ताकि पता लगाया जा सके कि वह मेरे साथ कितना ईमानदार है। मैंने एक खाता बनाया, भुगतान किया (वैसे, कीमत बहुत पर्याप्त है, मैं प्रसन्न था) और कुछ ही सेकंड में हैक पूरा हो गया। ऐप सभी प्रोफाइल संदेशों को दिखाता है, आप नए संदेशों और अन्य गतिविधियों के बारे में सूचनाएं प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। कुल मिलाकर, 10 में से 10, सब कुछ बढ़िया है।

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Encontrei informação sobre o Socialtraker no chat dos pais. Os pais estavam a discutir qual a aplicação a utilizar para o controlo parental. Decidi experimentar. Gostaria de salientar que tento ficar o mais afastado possível da vida do meu filho, mas quero sentir-me relaxado com isso.

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İşin garibi, Socialtraker hesabınızı yönetmek için en havalı araçtır. Videolar ve aboneler hakkında çok daha detaylı istatistikler gösterir, çok daha kullanışlı ve esnek bildirim sistemine sahiptir, işlenmiş videoları otomatik olarak telefonunuza indirmenize, yayınları kaydetmenize ve çok daha fazlasını yapmanıza olanak tanır.

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I am just planning to run my TikTok, while trying to figure out how best to do it. At some point I realized that the best way to do this is to hack into my favorite bloggers' accounts and see what filters they use, how they promote publications, how they negotiate ads and all that. With Socialtraker, I started spying on three people, and then I expanded my account and now follow five.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Can I access the data of users who subscribe to a hacked TikTok profile?
The software not only allows you to track the full list of subscribers, but also exports all the data obtained in the form of a table.
What is the probability that the Socialtraker hacking will be detected by the social network's security system?
Zero. All activities related to profile promotion and videos are performed using verified profiles. Such activity cannot be identified as suspicious.
Will I be notified of new messages in hacked correspondence?
The software tracks updates in correspondence in real time. All new messages will appear in the Dashboard almost instantly. In addition, you can allow Socialtraker to send you notifications about them.
Does the app allow you to manage content in the target account?
You will be able to delete, edit or create publications directly in the Socialtraker web interface.
Is it possible to track a person's ad campaigns in TikTok?
The app allows you to view the settings and results of all ad campaigns that have ever been created in the hacked account's TikTok ad cabinet.
How to hack Tiktok remotely?
To run a remote TikTok hack, all you have to do is create a profile in your Socialtraker Dashboard. After that, you will need to run one or more online tracking sessions.

The software operates on all the mobile platforms and networks worldwide.