A tool for tracking friends and followers on social networks

Lists of friends and followers are available for viewing online and downloading to the device. A feature of Socialtraker is the ability to export such lists in different formats: when you request to export, you will be prompted to select the retargeting tool into which the list will be imported - the software will adapt the document to the optimal format.

Track hidden friends and followers on social networks | Socialtraker

Create an Socialtraker account to get access to exclusive tracking tools:

  • Hidden friends. The app neutralizes the privacy settings set by the target user and shows even the friends they choose to hide.
  • Synchronization with email. The software is able to send an updated list of subscribers in a specified format to your email every day.
  • Contact list. Socialtraker tracks phone numbers and email addresses of people added to the Contacts of a compromised account. Contact tracking is relevant for social networks that have a separate application for correspondence (Facebook Messenger, VK Messenger).