How to securely hack a social networking community

The software allows you to get hold of any public page in social networks. To hack a community or group, you need to hack the account of the user who owns or administers the landing page.

A tool for hacking groups and communities in social networks | Socialtraker

Create an Socialtraker account to gain access to exclusive tracking tools:

  • Community Hacking. Once you've hacked the admin account, you'll have a wide range of options: create and edit publications, moderate comments, view publication statistics (including ads), and maintain correspondence on behalf of the page.
  • Group hacking provides control over the group membership, its status (closed/open) and management. To gain ownership of a group, you need to hack the user who created it.
  • Member list. The app keeps track of updates to the list of page subscribers or group members, and then automatically sends a database of contacts to your email (the feature can be deactivated).